Weekend Theater Breaks in London

London weekend theater breaks have become one of the most popular choices for visitors to London in the last few years. All the most popular shows can be booked as part of a theater break package and this can often be a good way of seeing shows that are otherwise sold out.

When you book your theater break some sites will show you different ways of sorting the hotels. I always sort them by distance from the theatre. Ideally I like to be within a mile, possibly even closer. There are all sorts of advantages to choosing a central hotel, not least of which is being right in the heart of the West End shops.

Usually you arrive in London on Friday evening. You either choose to see your show https://www.haytheatre.com/ . straight away on the Friday evening or book your show for Saturday night. If you choose to see your show on Friday you might worry about getting a pre-theatre meal. This is another good reason for choosing a West End hotel as you can quickly drop your bags off, freshen up and be at your restaurant in less than an hour.

Most of the restaurants in the West End offer pre-theatre menus which are served from 5:30 giving you lots of time to get to your show. The menus usually offer very good value and the restaurants are used to making sure you get your meal quickly. You can even book your pre-theatre meal at the same time as the theater break and save on the cost of your meal.

I prefer to book the show for Saturday evening if at all possible. It gives you Friday night to relax, explore a little and have a lovely dinner. Then some gentle sight-seeing, and maybe shopping, on the Saturday before the show. I like to have a real English treat, afternoon tea, somewhere like Fortune and Masons. The tea is served with very dainty, yet surprisingly filling sandwiches, scones and beautiful cakes.

It is a wonderful opportunity for people watching and getting a taste of English life. Afternoon tea usually needs to be booked in advanced. Some of the best theater break agencies will let you book when you book this when your break and even offer a discount. Afternoon tea is really a small meal not just a snack so it should see you through everything but the longest shows.

After the show, most end between 10pm and 10:30pm, you can easily find somewhere to have a spot of supper. I am very fond of La Taska which does fresh, tasty Spanish tapas until quite late on Saturday. It is great for sharing and you can order as much or as little as you want. Pubs in the West End are typically English, with good beer and atmosphere but they rarely offer food after 9pm.

Finally wander back to your hotel for a nightcap and to relax. This is when you will be really glad you chose a central London hotel, within walking distance of the theater is ideal. This is so much pleasanter than dealing with the tube, black cabs or rickshaws.

If you are an early riser Sunday morning can be a great time for sight-seeing in London. The city is amazingly quiet on Sunday mornings and you can see busy areas like Westminster without having to deal with the crowds.

Weekend theater breaks in London.

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